Thomas Board

UK Shaolin Temple Instructor

Sanda Instructor

Thomas Board has been studying Chinese martial arts over 20 years. He has been with the UK Shaolin Temple for 8 years. Thomas’s training focuses on traditional Kung Fu forms, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) and Weapons. His specialism is Sanda, traditional hand forms and traditional Kung Fu weapons. Thomas’s current focus is to continue to develop all aspects of Sanda and traditional Kung Fu practices, and philosophy by applying traditional and innovative ideas.

Thomas has been performing regularly at Kung Fu demonstrations, shows, and events; including Kung Fu stage shows. Thomas competed in open competitions in the sparring and traditional forms categories.

Thomas has undertaken a number of excursions to China to learn more about Chinese martial arts and culture. In 2016, Thomas trained at the Beijing International Sports University under the Beijing Wushu team to develop his martial arts training.

Thomas is also HR director of the UK Shaolin Temple. He is greatly involved in the development of growing and sharing the UK Shaolin Temple’s values and achieving set goals.