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UK Shaolin Temple Headmaster

Kung Fu Master

Shaolin Warrior Monk

Shi Yan Min is a 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk. ‘Shi Yan Min’ is Yanmin’s official Shaolin Temple name. These names are bestowed to those who become a sworn Monk of the Shaolin Temple.

Shi Yan Min started training in Kung Fu from a young age in a local Kung Fu school. Through his intense training and academic achievements, Shi Yan Min was awarded admission into the Shaolin Temple in 1997. He became a full time Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk, specialising in traditional Shaolin formstraditional weapons and San Da (Chinese Kickboxing). During his training, Shi Yan Min formed a profound life commitment to the Shaolin path after becoming inspired by how Shaolin training could transform one’s life. After many years of learning under the Shaolin Temple, he was awarded the title of Master.

Shi Yan Min is currently the Headmaster of UK Shaolin Temple. His long held dream has been to establish an authentic Shaolin Temple in the UK so that people can learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Chan philosophy in an authentic and dedicated facility. This dream is a difficult task for one person, so Shi Yan Min is still working hard today to achieve this goal.

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