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Jack Lucas

UK Shaolin Temple Instructor

Tai Chi Instructor

Shift Jack

Jack has been training with UK Shaolin Temple for four years. Jack initially joined Tai Chitraining to support his Duke of Edinburgh Award. However, he found he wanted to continue Tai Chi with UK Shaolin Temple after meeting this requirement. Jack specializes in traditional Chen Style Tai Chi forms and basics. Aside from focusing on Tai Chi, Jack’s training also includes traditional Shaolin strength and conditioning exercises, hard and soft Qi GongChan Meditation and Yoga. Jack has also expanded his skills to include Lion and Dragon dance performances.

Jack continues to develop his Tai Chi forms and basics and has begun to undertake formal Tai Chi instruction under Shi Yan Min. Soon, Jack will also undertake training with Grandmaster Guo who is a genuine Chen Tai Chi Grandmaster. Jack is eager to further his skills under an expanded tutelage.

Outside of training, Jack also helps improve the Temple’s facilities. He also gets involved with UK Shaolin Temple events and enjoys learning different aspects of martial arts and Chinese culture. Currently, Jack is also studying a Masters in Engineering with the Open University, as well as working as an Engineer full-time.