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Bibiana Hernandez Moreno

UK Shaolin Temple Instructor

Qigong Instructor

Meditation Instructor

Bibiana Hernandez has extensive experience as a Holistic Therapist and Qigong (Chi Kung) instructor, with over 25 years practicing and teaching Kung Fu and Qigong. Bibiana lived and trained in a Shaolin monastery in Colombia, learning Zen philosophy, Qigong, Chinese Boxing and meditations techniques. In 1998 she was in charge of Qigong studies in Colombia and taught and developed classes and practices nationwide.

In 2000 Bibiana moved to Spain, where she continued studing Qigong in The Superior Institute of Traditional Medicines in Barcelona. There she graduated as Qigong / Tai Chi Instructor. She also studied quiromasaje, Thai Massaje and took different courses of holistic therapies, Sound Healing Therapy with quartz and Tibetan bowls, Regression Therapy and other healing techniques. She contiuned teaching Qigong and she specialised in wellbeing services for over 20 years, worked in prestigious luxury spas in Spain, Sweden, England and on private Mega Yachts as Senior Therapist, Spa Supervisor and Spa Manager.

With all this experience Bibiana has created the exclusive “Chi Kung Holistic Spa Concept”, to take care of the body and the soul and increase the benefits and great results of her spa/holistic treatments.

From 2012 she started to live in England and currently she contiues practicing Shaolin Kung Fu at the UK Shaolin Temple and teaching Qigong.