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  • Head Instructor


A considerable part of Yan Min’s expertise lies in his background as an athlete. Yan Min has competed nationally and internationally in Chinese martial arts. In addition, Yan Min is one of a selective number of people to train under the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. Yan Min is also known under the name Shi Yan Min or Shi Yan Ming, which denotes his position as a Shaolin martial arts expert, and a part of the 34th generation of Shaolin monks in the Temple’s lineage.

During the later years of Yan Min’s formal training in China, he travelled across Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and Australia performing Chinese martial arts and stage performances to thousands of people. Later, these opportunities paved the way for Yan Min to perform martial arts and stunts on television, films, the stage.


Yan Min Chen is Managing Director and Founder of UK Shaolin Temple. Thanks to Yan Min’s vision and leadership, he has propelled UK Shaolin Temple from a small club to an expanding organisation. Aside from his role with the UK Shaolin Temple, Yan Min has an extensive background in business management, sports coaching and events consultation.