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Data Protection Policy ——————– Download PDF

Privacy Policy And Cookies ——————– Read more

Terms & Conditions ——————– Read more

Confidentiality Policy ——————– Download PDF

Health and Safety Policy ——————– Download PDF

Health and Safety Policy Assessment ——————– Download PDF

Equal Opportunities Policy ——————– Download PDF

Child Protection Policy ——————– Download PDF

Safeguarding Children Policy ——————– Download PDF

Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable People ——————– Download PDF

Vulnerable Adults Policy ——————– Download PDF

Volunteer Policy ——————– Download PDF

Criminal records disclosure policy and procedure ——————– Download PDF

Compliants procedure ——————– Download PDF

Fire Risk Assessment ——————– Download PDF

Control of Substances Hazardous To Health Risk Assessment ——————– Download PDF

Photography policy ——————– Download PDF

Anti doping policy ——————– Download PDF