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UK Shaolin Temple


Date: 12th May 2018

Location: UK Shaolin Temple

Time: 9:30am – 16:30pm

Jingang Quan – Diamond Fist 

Jingang Quan, also known as Jingang Luohan Quan (金刚罗汉拳 Guardian Luohan)  – is one of the older boxing methods of Northern China. Jingang Quan is representative of a powerful, and effectively practical fighting system.

Shaolin Jingang Quan is based on the stab foot technique (Chuojiao). This form focuses on sinking qi energy into the Dan Tian, the body’s central energy source. The breathing of the practitioner should be even when releasing the energy. The form requires the coordination of the mind in unison with your energy, and strength. This is coupled with the synchronisation of your hands, eyes, body, feet.

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Jingang Quan Workshop


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