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Chinese Dumplings Workshop

Making dumplings is a family (community) affair! 

Chinese families have many traditions and practices during the Chinese New Year period, which actually starts before the first day of the new year. Making and eating dumplings is the tradition of the people living in the Northern part of China.

Everyone in the family will help to make and cook the dumplings, from preparing the fillings, rolling out the pastry dough, wrapping the dumplings to steaming and frying the dumplings. The whole process is tenderly flavoured with love and laughter, bringing each other much closer together!

chinese dumplings

In this Dumpling Making Workshop, we are going to sample the joy and togetherness that Dumplings can bring us, as well as eating the delicious end product at the end!

Dumplings filling ingredients:  Chinese mushrooms, water chestnut, Chinese wood fungi, carrot, Chinese chives and garlic.

We will be using ready made pastry to wrap the filling and we will have fun wrapping the dumplings in a few different creative ways!


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Chinese Dumplings Workshop