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Coronavirus Covid – 19

Update: 18th June 2020

A letter from master Shi Yan Ming

Dear friends, students, and masters

Covid-19 has heavily affected all of us in one way, or another. I do hope that you and your loved ones, and your community are safe and healthy.

This message is a quick update about what is happening with the UK Shaolin Temple during this time.

Our immediate action following the Government lockdown guidelines was to close our temple, and cancelling all of our face-to-face classes. We are following the government’s guidelines to help ensure that all of our members and the public stay as safe as possible. The Temple remains closed until farther notice.

During this difficult time, we must unite to ensure the safety of all, and at the same time, we must show our compassion and love to each other. The virus is frightening, but it would be worse if we to lose our humanity.

Right now, we are aware of the rising cases of people suffering with increased anxiety, and stress. As an organisation that is committed to supporting health and wellbeing, we are doing our part to help people through this troubled time.

The UK Shaolin Temple has devised three areas of focus:

Delivery online content

Our wide range of activities are now being held online. We are continuing to deliver a range of classes and courses online to ensure that people can remain active at home. The activities include martial arts and fitness workouts, Tai Chi, Meditation, Qi Gong and mindfulness for mental health. We also host a weekly podcast talk to share information on keeping well, practising self-care and keeping active during these changing times.

Continuing to work with local government, business, education and communities

The virus has heavily impacted all of us, but we must work together to support one another. As a charitable organisation for culture, arts, and wellbeing, we are remaining open to prospective projects and causes from all businesses, educational bodies, and communities. We are also continuing to work closely with local council and support them with their cultural and community initiatives.

Promoting awareness of hate crime prevention

As part of our work within the wider community, we are working with Hampshire Constabulary to promote awareness of the increase in hate crime since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. As a Chinese community organisation, we are working with Southampton Police and Hampshire Constabulary and contributing to their hate crime prevention initiatives. As part of this work, we are working with Chinese students from University of Southampton, the International Department of University of Southampton, and Chinese communities across the district. We are about to release a new campaign to raise awareness of hate crime and inform people on the ways to report it.

We hope that this summary gives you an insight into our undertakings during this period. While our organisation is adapting to the onslauhght of changes, as we all are, we have endeavouring to play our part in support the public and the wider community.

As we continue the transition into a ‘new-normal’ I hope we can meet again in-person very soon.

Finally, I do wish that you and yours stay strong, happy, and healthy.

Best regards,

Shi Yan Ming

UK Shaolin Temple

Coronavirus Covid – 19

Update: 20th March 2020

We announced that all of our face-to-face classes are cancelled following the Government’s guidance to close all leisure businesses. We want to do our part to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and keep as many people as safe as possible. As a response to these measures, UK Shaolin Temple is moving its training content online. Initially, we will be using our UK Shaolin Temple closed group on facebook to deliver livestream classes, courses, and tutorials. MyUKST will be a service covering all the content you love, including Kung Fu, San Da, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Mindfulness and others. We will deliver themed classes, breakdown of forms, individual technique tutorials, guides for exercise and stretches, FAQs, and much more. Soon, we will start to load more content onto the video streaming platform called Vimeo (while continuing to use Facebook). We will release more information about the Vimeo platform within the coming weeks. This new initiative will be inspired by your needs, and we will heavily involve you in the creation of its content. We are very eager and excited to get things going.

Looking ahead, we know that for many of you, the future is unknown and we too will face a dangerous and uncertain future as a small business. Therefore, we would sincerely appreciate if you continue to support UK Shaolin Temple using whatever options are available to you. Your training fees, and any donations, are our main source of income and they could make all the difference to our stability in the future.

We also sincerely ask for your patience, as we work hard to navigate this unprecedented situation, and make monumental shifts in our content and delivery. We will provide updates of any major developments to our services as we go. We are also developing further guidance on how our new delivery methods will impact all areas of our UKST training programmes, and other services. We will be releasing updates to members by email and more generic updates will be visible on our main webpage.

Finally, please be responsible for others and for yourself. Follow the Government’s guidance (for links please see here). Practice good hygiene, do exercise whatever you can, eat healthy, be kind to yourself and to others, and keep your mind calm. Over the years, UKST has provided a space which has nurtured and supported many of you through your personal struggles. Now, we pledge that we will continue to be a source of inspiration and positivity.

Please stay safe and positive, we are here for you.

Useful Links:

  1. Gov.uk, to see the latest government policy and advice
  2. NHS.uk, to see the latest UK-specific health advice
  3. Full Fact, to make sure the information you’re seeing online is accurate
  4. Mind, to get advice on how to manage any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling right now

Coronavirus Covid – 19

Update: 17th March 2020

We know that exercise plays a significant part in the lives of our members so our temple will remain open as usual for those people who want to continue to train but only if you want to. This may change at any time.

We would advise that if you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus please remain at home and follow the NHS guidance found here.

While our temple is still open for people who wish to continue to stay active, we recommend that you follow the government’s guidelines for social distancing, especially for those people who are vulnerable or have medical conditions, or you interact with individuals who are vulnerable. See the government guidance here.

We’ve already made some changes to our cleaning schedules to ensure your training spaces are cleaned regularly. We also remind members and visitors to follow the hygiene guidelines outlined by the NHS.

We’re also planning to provide our members with some exercise content online and social media that they can use outside of the Temple or at home. We’ll be sending more information on this soon.

We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely and will update you via email in the coming days.

For the latest information and links to websites that can provide advice on coronavirus please visit here.

If you have any questions please contact us via email or telephone.

Online Learning

All of UK Shaolin Temple’s classes and courses have now moved online. We are continuing to teach and develop all our classes and courses online to keep people and our members active at home. We also offer a range of free classes and other content for public access, to promote physical and mental wellbeing, to maintaining health living at home. Our online material includes martial arts and fitness workouts such as Kung Fu, San Da and fitness. On top of this, we teach Tai ChiMeditationQigong, and mindfulness to support mental health and wellbeing. We have also launched a new weekly Shaolin Talk to explore topics, and offer free advice on how to support your wellbeing and keeping active while at home.

Online Learning