Yong Chun Quan


Wing Chun is a fighting system which is over 300 years old and specialises in self defence and close range combat. It is known for its powerful and rapid attacks, one of the most famous is the Wing Chun chain punch

In comparison to many other Shaolin styles the system is much smaller and therefore easier for practitioners to learn and develop a high level of ability in a shorter amount of time. Wing chun uses a range of defensive and offensive techniques that are fast, economical and very direct. This system doesn’t rely on just strength, therefore is widely known to be useful against larger or stronger opponents. Practioners are taught how to maximise delivery of power using their whole body.

Students will learn the strategic fighting methods of Wing Chun and the different skills required will be broken down into specific areas such as stances and footwork, hand techniques, kicks, conditioning, sparring (Chi Sao) and forms.

Classes will begin with a warm up and stretch, then students will practice stances, footwork and kicks. The second half of the class will be focused on learning single and combination techniques. Students will then have an opportunity to practice applications with a partner before finishing the lesson with form work.

No previous martial arts skills are needed, lessons are suitable for all ages and abilities so don’t hesitate to come and try out a class. Read more…