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Saturday 2nd February 2019

11:30 – 15:30

Southampton Guildhall Square

We are proud to be Southampton’s official organiser for this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations on Saturday 2nd February 2019 (endorsed by Southampton City Council). We have partnered up with Solent University and the Confucius Institution to create Southampton’s largest Chinese New Year celebrations to date. Join us to welcome in the lunar New Year of the Earth Pig, with colorful performances, parades and displays in and around the heart of Southampton: Southampton’s Guildhall Square.


Every year thousands of people come together in Southampton to enjoy the colourful parades, the vibrant stage performances, the delicacies of traditional Chinese food, and partaking in traditional customs – giving thanks to the blessings of the past year and celebrating all the hard work, but bringing about good fortune for the New Year.

This year in particularly is significant because the Pig is the last animal of the twelve-year zodiac cycle.  It is therefore a time for reflection and plays even more importance on friendships, family, love and togetherness.


Our event kicks off the Chinese New Year celebrations on Saturday 2nd February 2019 from 11.30pm – 15.30pm in Southampton’s cultural quarter in the Guildhall Square where all your senses will come alive.

Experience traditional Lion and Dragon Dancing, stunning Chinese Kung Fu performances including Tai Chi, synchronised weapons and group routines, acrobatics and other extraordinary stunts. Alongside these, your senses will be dazzled by professional Chinese Opera singers, a Bamboo Flute musician and Ukulele players. Moreover, this event will host dancers from all over the world, from hip hop and break dance to Irish tap dancing and Indian belly dancing; all bringing spectacular cultural artistry right to Southampton.

Before and after the staged event, the public will have the opportunity to engage in various activities and workshops:

 – face painting for the small and young at heart

 – Chinese paper cutting, lantern making  and calligraphy for the artists

 – dumpling, tea and coffee making for the gourmets

 – tai chi, qi gong, yoga and massage for the health interested and finally

 – belly dance, hip hop, break dance, zumba and fitness for the super active 

Local businesses and supporters of the event will delight foodies, families and artists alike with stalls offering all sorts of mementos to take away includes authentic treats, and arts and crafts from the East that will succumb even the most discerning. Before the day is done, don’t forget mark the occasion by gathering your friends and family together for a picture with our iconic lions.

The UK Shaolin Temple has a proven track record of providing crowd pleasing displays of traditional Chinese arts and culture including Lion and Dragon Dancing. Each year, we hold an average of 10 Chinese New Year celebration events in the South of England in collaboration with local associations, businesses, charities, schools, and community organisations. Moreover, our spectacular Kung Fu performances are highly anticipated, as was seen during Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays Chinese New Year’s celebrations of the past two years. Thousands of people eagerly waited to see our colourful displays, music, and traditional costumes.


Chinese New Year has been celebrated for centuries in China and all around Asia. It is also known as the Spring Festival and the Lunar New Year, and marks the start of the new Lunar Year. An array of colourful celebrations usually start on the last day of the last month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and end on the 15th day of the first month with the spectacular Lantern Festival.

Chinese New Year is based on numerous legends, myths, and traditional ways of life; and the many symbols and decorations within New Year Celebrations derive from these origins. Any Chinese friend or family will know about the story of the wicked mythical beast Nian, who was defeated by an old man armed with firecrackers, and red paper talismans. We are sure they will happily tell you all about it.

The Chinese New Year festival is also the perfect time to remember your relatives, and your wider family lineage. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company, eat a sumptuous dinner, play games, and children will often receive red packets filled with money for good luck.

Another tradition leading up to Chinese New Year is to clean your house, which is of the utmost importance to wash away any bad luck from the current year, and to make your living space open to good luck in the coming year. Additional preparations include decorations at certain openings such as doors or windows. These paper decorations are usually coloured red and gold, lucky colours in Chinese culture, and feature calligraphic symbols denoting wishes for good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.

Chinese New Year is celebrated across the whole world, bringing people of all ages and different cultures together celebrating with their local communities. Southampton City Council made it their mission this year to provide the best Chinese New Year Celebrations in the South of England. That’s why they are officially teamed up with the UK Shaolin Temple and support this event in the Guildhall Square.

Save the date for our spectacular free family event on Saturday 2nd February 2019 from 11:30 – 15:30 in Southampton’s Guildhall Square. For the latest updates on this event, follow the official #CNYSouthampton hashtag on social media, follow our facebook page and visit Southampton City Council’s Events page.

We look forward to see you there and celebrate the start of year full of love and generosity.


You can also follow the official #CNYSouthampton hashtag on social media.

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Please donate to UK Shaolin Temple to make this celebration happen. Please feel free to share to your friends, family and your social network to achieve this good cause.