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UK Shaolin Temple offers a free Kung Fu trial lesson to every new student. If you would like to experience real Kung Fu training and Shaolin Culture, become a member of our Shaolin family. To receive a free trial lesson just fill out your details on our online form or by email and you will receive a code for a free trial lesson.

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Most Popular Classes

Shaolin Kung Fu

Kung Fu Classes

Our Kung Fu classes are open to everyone. Students will learn many stretches, stances, kicks, jumps, combination movements, empty hand formsweapons forms, and San Da (Chinese kick boxing). This training involves moderate to high physicality and is suited for people looking to improve their stamina, strength, speed, coordination and flexibility.

Our Kung Fu classes are continuously growing and we believe this is due to the fact that we teach genuine Shaolin Kung Fu, which is taught by qualified and experienced Shaolin Masters. If you are looking for something unique and authentic, the UK Shaolin Temple’s Shaolin Kung Fu training is right for you.

Chinese Kickboxing

San Da Classes

San Da is a consolidation of Kung Fu theories and techniques in a new form that consists of set rules and the ability to execute techniques at full power. San Da is resembles a form of kickboxing with a complete system of realistic unarmed combat. It consists of standard kicks and punches, but then it enters into entrapment, which leads to throws or takedowns. It also covers grappling, wrestling, ground fighting, and weapon defence skills. Another added feature is that a competitor can push or throw their opponent off a platform, adding another technical quality to the bouts.

The aim of our San Da classes is to train people who would like to compete in national and international competitions. It is also suitable for people who would like to build their self-confidence, strength, discipline and self-defence techniques. 

No matter what your fitness level is, everyone is welcome because we will take you from where you are and build your skills until we reach your goal.

Chen Tai Chi Quan

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi classes are suitable for all people. It has been acknowledged that training in Tai Chi is useful for building strength, improving mobility, alleviating illnesses and improving balance, cultivating your moral character and some believe that it can prolong your life. Our Tai Chi classesfocus on learning basic techniques and Tai Chi forms. You also have the opportunity to build on this knowledge by learning Tai Chi weapons forms.

Little Dragon's Classes

Kung Fu For Children

Our Kung Fu training is growing in popularity and more and more children come to join our classes. Children are attracted to these classes to learn real Kung Fu. We receive great results from both the students and their parents. We will make sure that all children training with us will keep fit, learn new skills and most importantly, have fun while exercising. 

The young students will learn genuine Kung FuSan Da (Chinese kickboxing), self-defence and acrobatic skills. Aside from these physical activities, children will also learn essential social and personal skills, for example discipline, self-motivation and respect for their fellow classmates and instructors.

The Little Dragon students can attend our numerous classes, which are held in different locations. Please browse our Class Schedule to find the nearest location to you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us for more information; we will be happy to assist you.

Zen Meditation Class


Ch’an meditation as we know it has been in existence for over 1500 years. The main aim of the Ch’an meditation is to see through yourself and also give light to others. Meditation is a vital practice in studying self-realisation. This is done by raising awareness and receptivity to our nature and what we are capable of. Meditation also has clear health benefits to all people. The calming of the mind enables people to find peace and reflection, which leads to clarity and direction.

Individual private lessons

Private Lessons

Individual private lessons are one of greatest methods for students to deepen their practice and develop their marital arts skill and knowledge. These private sessions can and will greatly improve many aspects of your training.

Many students choose to have individual private session for a number of reasons. Some choose to help get more detail on there understanding, some to help prepare for competitions or grading’s or others to just to get a clearer understanding of what they need to do to help them specially improve.

In these sessions the Master will be able to focus on your specific training needs and requirements, helping to give a more qualitative improvement and guidance to your training and to help you to progress at the rate to which you desire to learn. This detailed and specific training style will be more suited to your personal requirement’s, which ultimately will help you to develop and grow in your martial arts training.