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Shaolin Temple

UK Shaolin Temple has an extensive history and achieved many milestones. Through the years, we have been working hard to help people to improve their health and wellbeing by teaching traditional Shaolin culture. However, our approach to a healthy lifestyle does not only focus on physical or mental health alone. We choose an integrated approach, including one’s spiritual and social development. The Shaolin traditions, such as, Ch’an Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu provides such an intergrated approach. It provides spiritual inspiration and guidance, mental stability, physical robustness and interpersonal development.

Today we are continuing to present Shaolin and the wider Chinese culture with the goal of supporting the wellbeing of people in the UK. As well as promoting and preserving Shaolin culture, so that people in the UK may continue to engage with these unique traditions.

The timeline below features some of UK Shaolin Temple’s significant milestones and events.

2015 – UK Shaolin Temple Perform at Chinese New Year Celebrations in West Quay Shopping Centre Southampton. Read more.

Southampton Chinese New Year Celebrations 2015

2015 – Portsmouth Chinese Association’s 35th Annual Chinese New Year Extravaganza Celebration. Read more.

Portsmouth Chinese Association’s 35th Annual Chinese New Year Extravaganza Celebration

2015 – UK Shaolin Temple was proud to participate in the Chinese Association of the University of Portsmouth’s Chinese New Year Celebration show on Tuesday 10th February. The show was held in the historic Kings Theatre in Portsmouth. Our group performed amongst many acts, which included talented Chinese music, folk dancing and modern art performances. Read more.

UK Shaolin Temple Kings Theatre Performance

2015 – Qinna Course January 2015. Read more.

Qinna Course

2015 – Poole Town Council have generously donated a large sum of office furniture and equipment to our Temple project opening in early 2015 in Southampton. Read more.

poole town council

2014 – UK Shaolin Temple is in the early stages of opening a culture centre in the central south of England. The aim of the centre is multiple but focuses on the engagement and exploration of Shaolin and Chinese cultural pastimes for people across the region. More specifically, the centre will include a specialised Shaolin training space for self-training and taught sessions to be held throughout the week and for longer hours. The centre will also be a place to explore other Chinese cultural activities including Tai chi, Qi Gong and meditation. Read more.

UK Shaolin Temple Storage

2014 – UK Shaolin Temple presents its first Shaolin Kung Fu stage production. Wisdom of Shaolin is executed entirely by amateur performers but all of them exhibit authentic Shaolin Kung Fu. Alongside them are many local artists bringing their take on Chinese and Shaolin art. Read more.

The Wisdom of Shaolin

2013 – UK Shaolin Temple cooperates with the Tian Kai Temple, Beijing, China as a Ch’an Buddhist partner organization.

Tiankai temple

2013 – Max and Martine discipleship ceremony in the Da Xiong Bao Ding Hall of the North Shaolin Temple.


2013 – Chinese cultural event in New Forest, to raise money for UK Shaolin Temple’s Live Well Campaign.

kung fu training new forester

2013 – British and Chinese Buddhist exchange in Tian Kai Temple, Beijing.

taikai temple

2013 – UK Shaolin Temple hosts an outreach educational program for the Winchester County Council.

Winchester County Council

2013 – ‘UK Shaolin Temple’ became a registered incorporated charitable company in England and Wales.

uk shaolin temple charity

2012 – Second British and Chinese cultural exchange event in Centre of Beijing International Shaolin Culture (CISC) Baoding, China.

British and Chinese cultural exchange

2012 – The UK Shaolin Temple subdivision UK Shaolin Temple Production produced the ‘North Shaolin Temple’ documentary. It was released in the UK in 2013 and available online.

North Shaolin Temple

2011 – First UK Shaolin Temple British and Chinese cultural exchange event in Yuntai Mountain, China.

Chinese cultural exchange

2011 – BBC Radio Devon interviews a UK Shaolin Temple official.

2009 – UK Shaolin Temple features in the Basingstoke Music Festival.


2008 – UK Shaolin Temple members present their skills to HRH Prince Edward in Portsmouth.

Prince Edward

2008 – Shi Yanming speaks at the National Chinese Martial Arts Seminar.


National Chinese Martial Arts Seminar

2007 – UK Shaolin Temple performed in the Chinese New Year Celebration in partnership with the Chinese Community in Plymouth.

2006 – ‘Shaolin Temple School of Kung Fu’ changed its name to ‘UK Shaolin Temple’.

2005 – UK Shaolin Temple opened Shaolin culture community project in Winchester’s Westgate school.

Shaolin culture community project in Winchester's Westgate school

2004 – Students of UK Shaolin Temple competed in many national and international Chinese martial arts competitions.


Chinese martial arts competition

2003 – Shi Yan Min opened a Shaolin Kung Fu school based in Bournemouth and taught classes in many parts of Dorset. He taught Ch’an Buddhist philosophy and Shaolin Kung Fu. At this time, the club was called ‘Shaolin Temple School of Kung Fu’.

Shaolin Kung Fu school

2002 – Shi Yan Min joined forces with a friend to teach Shaolin Kung Fu in the UK.

1999 – Shi Yan Min featured alongside the Shaolin Warrior Monks in the Royal Variety Performance in the Royal Albert Hall, London. Bringing the incredible feats of the Shaolin Monks to the worlds stage.

royal variety

1998 – 2000 – Shi Yan Min toured with the ‘Shaolin Wheel of Life’ performance troupe presenting the skill and power of Shaolin and Ch’an Buddhism to many people across the world.

Shaolin Wheel of Life