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About The Central Temple Campaign

The Shaolin Temple in China has a long but relatively unknown history to those outside of the Shaolin tradition. The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts and  Ch’an Buddhism. The Shaolin Temple developed many traditions through its history using Ch’an as their foundations. Dedicated Buddhist and warrior monks practice these teachings to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual understanding.

Today the Shaolin Temple in China no longer accepts and trains students in Kung Fu or Ch’an Buddhism, as the Temple in China operates today as a heritage site preserving the physical premises for tourism. In general, there exists in China avoid as the Kung Fu training has been split and separated from the Ch’an Buddhist training. The martial arts education at Chinese Kung Fu schools does not incorporate the Ch’an Buddhist principles brought to China 1500 years earlier by Bodhidarma. Unless a Shaolin Temple is recreated within Shifu Shi Yanmin‘s lifetime, the knowledge, history, philosophy, and traditions of the Shaolin Temple will be lost forever.

Shi Yan Min has been trying to raise a central temple for many years and is still trying to this day. Raising a central temple is not possible for a single person without help. Today we have the opportunity to help this possibility become a reality by helping to build a central temple to carry on the Shaolin tradition for our future generations. In doing so we will be able to share true Ch’an philosophy and Shaolin culture and continue this valuable heritage.


The Shaolin monk, Shi Yan Min first came to the UK in 1998 whilst performing in the first ever “Shaolin Wheel of Life” worldwide tour staring the monks from the Shaolin Temple in Henan province, China. He came to the UK again in year 2000 to teach Shaolin Kung Fu.

Later on in 2002, Shi Yan Min realised that teaching Shaolin Kung Fu to people is good, but he also wanted to teach another important part of the Shaolin tradition – Ch’an Buddhist Philosophy. Only teaching Kung Fu without Ch’an Philosophy is like a person trying to walk without legs. In order to teach and share the whole true Shaolin culture from its physical, mental and spiritual aspects to as many people as possible and in a central place, he realised he needed a temple.

In 2003, with help and support from friends, he founded the ‘Shaolin Temple School of kungfu’ in the beautiful town of Bournemouth in Dorset.  He then started to try and achieve his vision. Unable to speak much English and with only a small support network, trying to raise a temple proved to be too difficult a task at that time.

In 2006, Shi Yan Min changed the name of the ‘Shaolin Temple School of kungfu’ to ‘UK Shaolin Temple’.  Shi Yan Min tried very hard to raise money towards building the temple, but with little luck.

Despite the setbacks Shi Yan Min has never given up his vision to build the temple.  In 2013, ‘UK Shaolin Temple’ became a charity and in this way, with your help, we can hopefully build a temple for everyone to enjoy as soon as possible.

We are asking for your help.  Share a little of your good nature and let’s put our hands together to build the central Temple for us and for the future generations to grow and develop from.


  • A peaceful place where Ch’an Buddhist Philosophy will flourish, whilst also assisting with the strengthening of communities.

  • A temple for our future generations to enjoy.  The wheel of life begins here.

  • A true Buddhist spiritual and a place of peace in the UK for people from the world to visit.

  • A place for people to become a true Shaolin warrior disciple and Shaolin monk in the UK.

  • A home for people to live while they train

  • Training in the 72 chambers of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Ch’an Buddhist Philosophy.

  • A place of retreat and somewhere to seek guidance for anyone who needs it.


Our mission is to build a Shaolin Temple in the UK, which will have worldwide recognition in the fields of Ch’an Buddhism and Shaolin culture. The vision of everyone being able to  ‘live well’ has always been our guiding mission.

‘UK Shaolin Temple’ will be a place where Shaolin traditions, culture and Ch’an Buddhism will all be available for anyone who wishes to engage with them. The new temple will provide an open door to anyone, regardless of nationality, social status and religion. Every person that walks through the temple doors will be welcome to  experience Ch’an and Shaolin and take away from the experience whatever they feel they need.


Donate As A Corporation

The UK Shaolin Temple strives to match the interests of corporations and foundations with the work being conducted by the UK Shaolin Temple – Central Temple Capital Campaign that will benefit individuals and society. The UK Shaolin Temple member or staff is available for a confidential meeting with you and your financial or legal advisors to ensure that your gift meets your goals and the UK Shaolin Temple’s needs. Contact the UK Shaolin Temple for further details on corporate fundraising opportunities at the UK Shaolin Temple.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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