Natural Elements

 School / Club Name: Natural Elements

Contact Name: Martine Niven / Paul Lockyer

Contact Number: 07962 930 837


hulong temple

School / Club Name: Hu Long Temple

Contact Name: Matt Bindon

Contact Number: 07971 776609


Shaolin Training Liesing

School / Club Name: Shaolin Training Liesing

Contact Name: Sean Menzies

Contact Number: +43 664 127 44 46


Address: Talpagasse 1a, Bauteil C2, A-1230, Vienna, Austria.

Centre of International Shaolin Culture

School / Club Name: Centre of International Shaolin Culture

Contact Name: Shi Yanling

Contact Number: +86 156 3919 0099


Address: Shaolin Temple Xiaolong School, Nurturing Road, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, China.