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Welcome to UK Shaolin Temple’s Official Website. UK Shaolin Temple is a registered charity in England and Wales.

We are a unique organisation that exists to share, promote and preserve Shaolin culture. The ‘Shaolin’ culture refers to the activities, philosophies and lifestyles specific to the Chan Buddhist Shaolin Temple. These include a number of physical and philosophic activities such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation.

In addition, as the Shaolin culture is not a self-contained entity but heavily influenced by its environment and wider culture, we are also committed to engage people with many aspects of wider Chinese culture. This includes its art, language, philosophies, folk traditions and worldviews.

UK Shaolin Temple strives to present these cultural traditions in their purest form. By engaging people in these activities we believe that physical, mental and social wellbeing may be improved. This is achieved by keeping active, becoming conscious of our mental states and engaging with different cultures and lifeways.

Our website

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This website details the purpose and activities of UK Shaolin Temple. You can find out more about our mission, campaigns and learn about the many ways that you can get involved in our activities. This site also provides introductions to the Shaolin culture and the many physical and philosophic expressions found therein. To find out more, follow the link below.

UK Shaolin Temple

Donate Make A DonationYour donation will help us to provide more opportunities to engage people in these unique traditions. We have a number of causes and campaigns you can donate to. Please follow the link to find out more.
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Get involved Get Involved There are many ways you can get involved in our work. We are also looking for volunteers, opportunities for collaboration and sponsors.
uk shaolin temple Help Us To Build A Temple One of our current campaigns is to build a Chan Temple in the UK. We envision a cultural centre of peace and learning. Where people can come to engage with authentic Chan Buddhism. The Wheel of Life begins here…
Shaolin culture Shaolin CultureThe activities and philosophies of the Shaolin culture can offer many benefits, including greater physical and mental wellbeing, to great social cohesion. Browse our activity outlines to find something to suit you.
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Join Kung Fu Training
This is a very popular way to help and support us. Not only will you keep yourself healthy and strong, develop your mental discipline and practice interpersonal skills but you will also help us to progress towards our goals.
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Volunteer for us
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the UK Shaolin Temple community and we have had the pleasure of working with many kind and dedicated people. You too can give your time, skills, and creativity, which can make an enormous difference to our work.

What's On

Shaolin Qinna Course
Self Defence Course
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Shaolin Temple Camp 2015
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