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Welcome to the UK Shaolin Temple official website. The UK Shaolin Temple is a UK registered charity.

We are a unique organisation that exists to share, promote and preserve Shaolin culture. This Chinese culture has a history of over 1,500 years. It features many aspects including numerous physical arts, such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi and a distinct spiritual culture, which features Qi Gong and Meditation.

People all over the world engage with Shaolin culture because of its history, its distinctiveness and because it possesses practices that benefit many aspects of wellbeing. However, only a minority of these practices are taught in their most original, pure and concentrated form. UK Shaolin Temple strives to present Shaolin culture in its authentic form and additionally aims to engage as many people as possible with wider Chinese culture. We do this so that they might enrich lives and to cultivate their wellbeing.

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This website details the purpose and activities of the UK Shaolin Temple. You can find out more about our mission, campaign and learn about the many ways that you can get involved. This site also provides an introduction to the Ch'an Buddhist and Shaolin cultures, which are both rich and unique traditions. If you would like to learn more, please click the following link to enter our main website.

Shaolin culture

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The Shaolin culture was taught to the monks of the Shaolin Temple as a physical form of meditation. The UK Shaolin Temple continues this tradition today. Practicing the physical tradition of Shaolin has many benefits to one's physical, mental and social wellbeing. It can also be used to learn about the true nature of ourselves and thus is complementary with study of Ch'an Buddhist philosophy.

Our Kung Fu classes are open to everyone, regardless of your age, or your physical ability. We welcome everyone to the UK Shaolin Temple to study the Ch'an and Shaolin cultures. Students can choose from a variety of physical traditions to suit their needs and desires. We offer Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, San Da, Ch’an meditation and Ch'an Buddhism.

UK Shaolin Temple

Donate Make a donation A way to unburden the soul and find fulfilment is to exercise compassion. UK Shaolin Temple needs your help to keep our traditions alive for the present and for future generations. To make a donation to our cause, please follow the link.
Become our friend Become our Friend We are a growing organisation and we look to our supporters to help us develop. With our Friends Membership, you can help us move closer towards achieving our objectives. Your membership fee will go towards invaluable areas without which, our organisation could not develop.
Get involved Get involved Want to do your bit but not sure where to start? Whether you have ten minutes, or ten months, there are hundreds of ways for you to get involved with our work.
Live well Live well To get everyone to live well is our main goal. Reduce your impact on the environment and improve your health, changing the way you eat is relatively easy and something you can do every day.
Shaolin culture Shaolin cultureWhether you wish to improve your health, or explore the nature of Shaolin, we have many different disciplines to meet your needs and desires. Explore our main site to find out more about Shaolin culture and our training services, including the times and locations of our classes, events, seminars and courses.
Sign up for emails Sign up for emails Sign up to our emails and receive news of UK Shaolin Temple projects, events, fundraisers, festivals and exhibitions and many more.
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Help us to build a temple
One of our current campaigns is to build a Ch'an Buddhist temple in the UK. We envision a peaceful place, where Ch'an Buddhism can flourish and different communities can come together to share in the Ch'an path. The wheel of life begins here...
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Volunteer for us
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the UK Shaolin Temple. They assist us in carrying out our services. Giving your time, skills and creativity can make an enormous difference to our work.
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Sign Our Petition
Wushu for the Olympics: Lets make our sport a defining moment in history. Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.
Media centre, news, events
Media centre
UK Shaolin Temple post regular news articles, photos and videos on our events, news and campaigns in our Media Centre.
The Media Team are responsible for all press, social media, promotional, and public relation matters. They promote all regional, national and international UK Shaolin Temple events. Please follow the link for the Media Team's contact details.
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One of UK Shaolin Temple's core campaigns is our research activity. This work is vital because we can explore the many diverse ways which Ch'an Buddhism and the culture of Shaolin can improve your health and support many aspects of your wellbeing.
This campaign is still growing and we need your support to help it develop. Please read on to find out how you can help.

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