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Welcome to UK Shaolin Temple’s Official Website. UK Shaolin Temple is a registered charity in England and Wales. We are a unique organisation that exists to share, promote and preserve Shaolin culture. The ‘Shaolin’ culture refers to the activities, philosophies and lifestyles specific to the Chan Buddhist Shaolin Temple. These include a number of physical and philosophic activities such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chan Meditation. In addition, as the Shaolin culture is not a self-contained entity but heavily influenced by its environment and wider culture, we are also committed to engage people with many aspects of wider Chinese culture. This includes its art, language, philosophies, folk traditions and worldviews.

UK Shaolin Temple strives to present these cultural traditions in their purest form. By engaging people in these activities we believe that physical, mental and social wellbeing may be improved. This is achieved by keeping active, becoming conscious of our mental states and engaging with different cultures and lifeways.

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Your donation will help us to provide more opportunities to engage people in these unique traditions. We have a number of causes and campaigns you can donate to. Please follow the link to find out more.

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This is a very popular way to help and support us. Not only will you keep yourself healthy and strong, develop your mental discipline and practice interpersonal skills but you will also help us to progress towards our goals.

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There are many ways you can get involved in our work. We are also looking for volunteers, opportunities for collaboration and sponsors.

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Living well for all, all for living well.

To get people to live well is at the heart of UK Shaolin Temple's mission. It is also our largest campaign. Live well covers many ways to improve your wellbeing using Ch'an and Shaolin philosophy and practices. We also include other vital ways so you, the world in which we live in and the beings that inhabit can live healthier and happier.


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Shaolin Culture

shaolin culture

Shaolin culture has been in the world more than 1500 yeas and it contains within it many traditions from philosophical to physical. One of its most renowned is Shaolin Kung Fu. Kung Fu’s original purpose of was to improve the wellbeing of its monks. Although more importantly, it was used to express the wisdom of Ch’an Buddhism in a physical form.

Other influences on the Shaolin culture is the wider Chinese culture. A sincere comprehension of Shaolin culture therefore also requires the study of Ch’an and Chinese culture and history.

Shaolin culture was passed down from dedicated warrior monks through generations of disciples. Now, the UK Shaolin Temple wishes to continue this tradition in the UK. We do this in order to preserve this unique culture and also allow for more people to learn and develop from their teachings.

About Us

UK Shaolin Temple is a registered charitable company governed by a board of trustees. The majority of our organisation is comprised of volunteers who give up many hours of their time to help us achieve our goals.

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What We Do

We execute our objectives by holding dedicated classes, one off activities, seminars, workshops and courses. Through these activities, we encourage physical activity that integrates a calm mental and emotional consciousness. Exploring lifestyles and disciplines that calm and expand the mind. Creating social cohesion by providing opportunities for communal solidarity whilst exploring different cultural pastimes.

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Get the intel on all of our events and daily happenings through our UK Shaolin Temple Blog. You don’t need to be a bystander either because our blog allows you to share your experiences and views as well. Get involved now.

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